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about mediation

While sometimes there is no alternative but litigation when civil disputes arise, it can be expensive, time-consuming and very stressful. But today there are a number of different ways to resolve disputes, no matter how contentious, without going to trial.

Mediation is one such alternative which is becoming more and more popular because it is voluntary, confidential and less expensive than litigation.  You don’t have to wait until you’re involved in a protracted lawsuit to use mediation. It is available to all parties, at any time, to resolve disputes. Simply stated, it is a process in which a trained, experienced, and impartial mediator helps you and the other person reach an agreement, one that works best for the both of you.

The basic principle of mediation is self-determination, which means that the parties to the dispute decide what is best for them. Even though the mediator may be a Judge, such as Judge Gelfman, the mediator remains impartial and will not give legal advice or make an legal decisions or rulings. Instead, the mediator will help guide the parties to their own solution to the dispute.

In her nearly 30 years as a judge, Judge Gelfman has presided over thousands of cases, which gives her the perspective of what it frequently takes to bring parties together. While not acting as a judge when mediating cases, she has the experience to help guide the parties to their own resolution.


Mediations can be scheduled at flexible locations, depending on the needs of the parties.

For further information, feel free to email Judge Gelfman at, or call her office at 410-992-9999.

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